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The coronavirus crisis is unprecedented.
Like many small businesses around the world, US business owners are grinding to a halt.
Potential customers are very careful about their family’s’ spending, and we are all looking at another era unknown to all of us.
Let us take a moment to think about our next step and the consequences of it in these crazy times that we’re in with the coronavirus let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Having a supportive community is so important especially during times like this when we all been asked to home quarantine and we are reaching out to communicate with each other to empower us and help alleviate some of our stress.

We, in ״Women For Women Commerce” believe that:

What you plant now, you will harvest later.

This is the time to continue working and developing your business.

Women For Women Commerce’s community is completely different from other companies because the company is not willing to compromise on the very best for members in its community.
The company is doing whatever it can to keep you up to date, to promote your business and to give you the best support it can.

The company would like to emphasize that it has created its own formula with the perfect tools that will change the way you are thinking about your business and about networking in general.

Women For Women Commerce is working diligently with its best experience to create a cohesive community as a second family.
We can guarantee that the time you spend with us as a community will be a significant time for you.

Because for us Women For Women Commerce is a mission and not just a business, every part of the process was created by brainstorming to get to the best possible solution.
Each and every member gets the attention she needs.

In each meeting, we visit a different topic related to business, that will give you the knowledge you need to grow your business.

Goals to Achieved

  • Each meeting will deal with different topic to get you up to date with knowledge and technology
  • Maximum exposure in our community for your business with wonderful women in business like you that want to promote their business as well.
  • Women for Women Commerce is encouraging collaborations between its members.
  • Increase visibility on social media, both on your business page and our Women for Women Commerce Facebook group
Who is this for?
  • Anyone who has a business and wants to promote it
  • Anyone that seak knoledge to promote her business
  • If you are Doing online courses
  • Need audience to your Webinars
  • Having coaching sessions online
  • Do you have products that you are selling online?
  • Are you an interior designer and would like to have online counseling sessions?
  • Are you a therapist coach and you would like have online meetings?
  • Are you a nutritionist helping people do diets online?

These are just some of the businesses that can benefit from our online networking group meetings.

Put yourself above the rest with a community that will support you, empower you and helps you grew, so when the time comes your company will thrive and succeed.

What Do You Get When You Become an Online  member?

  • A meeting Once a month
  • Additional social meeting on June 10th to get to know your group members
  • We will brainstorm with the group members about various topics regarding growing your business.
  • Only members can advertise their businesses in our Facebook group for free
  • We will promote your business in our Facebook group
  • Vendors collaborations – we collaborate with other vendors to get you better prices for your promotions and expenses.
  • A WhatsApp Group:
    • Anyone will be able to ask questions and consult the group
    • For Facebook & Instagram posts
    • Tips in marketing & networking to be updated with everything that is new in networking & social media
  • Opportunity to present your business to the group members
Online Networking Group
Introduction on April 29th fee starts at $5
Meetings will start on May 27th
every last Wednesday of the month
0 - Meeting - Introduction May 20th 7-8PM

What can you get from being a member?
Why be a member with WOMEN’S FORUM?
What is on our agenda for the meetings?

1st Meeting Wednesday May 27 at 7 - 8:30 PM

How to define your content to your prospects?

  • What does it mean to promote yourself organically and why?
  • What tools do we have to do that?
  • What is post-life-time?
  • Why my friends do not see my posts?
  • What is the right size of a post image? And why?
  • How to write a post.
  • And much more…
Social Meeting Wednesday June 10 at 7 - 8:30 PM
This is an additional meeting – a meeting that will be dedicated to the members to get to know one another.
2nd Meeting Wednesday June 24 at 7 - 8:30 PM

How to Win Customers?

  • What is our mindset regarding customer experience?
  • What is the difference between customer service and customer experience?
  • How much money do we spend to acquire a customer?
  • Who is your ultimate customer?
  • How to make our customers recommend our business?
3rd Meeting Wednesday July 29 at 7 -8:30 PM

Videos – The best tool for buyers’ engagement to Promote yourself with videos.

    • Why should I make videos?
    • Which videos to make?
    • What will be the topics
    • Do I need a professional for it?
    • Which marketing tools are there that I can use?
    • Does a video help customers make up their minds about your product/ service?
4th Meeting Wednesday August 26 at 7 - 8:30 PM

The secret behind engaging posts

  • How to write in a way that you will get your audience’s attention?
  • The correct icons and colors in posts
  • The right images to posts
  • How to balance the self-promotion
  • What is the right frequency?
  • What are the correct topics?
5th Meeting Wednesday September 30 at 7 - 8:30 PM

Small Things – Big Impact
Online Apps and tools to upgrade your website and posting.

  • Upgrade your posts.
  • Apps to get your audience connected with you
  • Upgrade your looks.
  • Use apps for answering your customer’s phone calls
  • And more….
6th Meeting Wednesday October 28 at 7 -8:30 PM

Create a Marketing Funnel
Customer journey toward the purchase of a product or service

  • What is marketing funnel and why?
  • Marketing funnel stages and conversions
  • How to create a marketing funnel?
  • Tools to create a marketing funnel
  • Marketing and customer experience


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