Women For Women Commerce is a community that supports women in business.
We help women who want to develop and leverage themselves on a personal and business level.
Our community is special. We take it upon our selves to meet anyone that posts their business in our group personally.
The reason is that the group holds only women in business that we can trust.
This is our promise to the group members.
If we already know you, you are welcome to choose one of the post options below.
If we never met you, we will need to meet personally or on Facetime.
We can schedule a phone call meeting.

Please keep in mind that paying members can post in the group freely.


We have created the “SEAL OF APPROVAL” for better businesses like yours.
This seal of approval also means that you are a part of the women for women commerce family businesses and that your business can be trusted as:

  • A business that takes good care of its customers
  • Your refund policy is reasonable.
  • You have no customer complaints.
  • You have been doing your business for at least a year
  • Your customer service is very good.

Once your business will be approved, we will give you “Women For Women Commerce SEAL OF APPROVAL”.
You can use this to add to your website to show that your business is trusted and was approved by us.


Only $50

Only $50

One post for one week.

Only $280 Most Popular

Only $280

Accredited* Most Popular. Click on the button for details.

Only $90

Only $90

2 posts for 2 weeks.

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