Women For Women Commerce Member Benefits
Are you looking to develop and leverage your business in a great environment?
Do you want to know more about today’s business development?
Professionals’ education from experts in every meeting? Join our community and get this unique opportunity!

Women For Women Commerce’s community is completely different from other companies because the company is not willing to compromise on the very best for members in its community.
The company is doing whatever it can to keep you up to date, to promote your business and to give you the best support it can.

The company would like to emphasize that it has created its own formula with the perfect tools that will change the way you are thinking about your business and about networking in general.

Women For Women Commerce is working diligently with its best experience to create a cohesive community as a second family.
We can guarantee that the time you spend with us as a community will be a significant time for you.

Because for us Women For Women Commerce is a mission and not just a business, every part of the process was created by brainstorming to get to the best possible solution.
Each and every member gets the attention she needs.

Goals to Achieved

  • Maximum exposure in our community for your business with wonderful women in business like you that want to promote their business as well.
  • Women for Women Commerce is encouraging collaborations between its members.
  • Increase visibility on social media, both on your business page and our Women for Women Commerce Facebook group

What Do You Get When You Become a member?

We are meeting every other week. If you miss a meeting don’t worry, you can be a guest in another chapter meeting.

Each member will present her business at every meeting. brings lots of business cards.

You will get the opportunity to elaborate on your business for 10 minutes every few months depending on the number of the members in your group.

We are bringing to our meetings specialists on different topics related to developing and growing your business and self-development.
We will brainstorm with the group members about various topics regarding growing your businesses.

Our members can join the book-club for free.

Collaborate with other group members in your community and outside of your community.

Only our members can advertise their business at any time for free on our Facebook group.

Category exclusive membership for each professional woman like you.

Great refreshments at the beginning of each meeting will allow you to mingle and get to know the other members.

Annual membership fee $599 only $499 for a limited time

Cancelation policy.
You can cancel your membership 72 hours after your purchase.