Dafna Aviv – Property Boosting & Home Design

Dafna Aviv – Property Boosting & Home Design


The first two months of the house being on the market are the most critical. When a property is new and hot that’s when it has the best opportunity to be sold.

Selling a home smart is not about waiting for the right buyer rather, it’s positioning your property at the perfect choice in the market for the people who are truly interested in buying a home in your location.

Boosting your home to become the desirable choice is a science-based on understanding the market, people’s psychology combined with a lot of imagination.

The truth about realtors is that they play the numbers game. They try to get as many potential buyers to your home as fast as they can in the hopes that someone would want to buy. The problem is that in many cases that’s simply not enough. If your property is not prepared according to what buyers are looking for then selling it will simply be difficult and will take a lot of time. Understand that boosting your home and making it stand out will not just save you time by selling it faster but will also help you avoid selling it for less than what you deserve.

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