Organization Bylaws

Bylaws are a concise statement of purpose and organizational structure within which the member group functions.

The organization Women foe Women Commerce LLC. is a paid membership group for networking and support purposes.

  • Our mission statement is to support and empower women in business to succeed and grow their businesses.
  • This is a group membership for women.
  • All meetings will be held bi-monthly in a specific time and date for each group. All meetings will be 2 hours including 30 minutes for mingling with all the other members and guests.
  • In times when people are not allowed out of their houses (like the COVID-19), meetings will be held online.
  • Meetings will be posted in the Women for Women Commerce Facebook group.
  • Any conflict with other members profession must be brought to the attention of the president for final decision.
  • In case of Force Majeure and we are not able to hold the meetings even online, then the group will resume meetings once it will be possible.
  • In the case of Force Majeure, there will be no refund to the group members.
  • All promotions will be provided by members and approved by the president.
  • All suggestions and idea must be discussed with the president and only the president can approve them.
  • Any changes and improvements can be implemented only by the president.
  • There are no voting and any suggestions other the procedure mention in these bylaws

It is well to remember that this group is a paid membership and is for a very specific purpose as mention above and therefore no other procedure will be tolerated other than the procedure in these bylaws.

It is the responsibility of the president to implement changes from time to time as she sees fit provided they are not in conflict by the bylaws above.