Welcome to Women for Women Commerce.
This is a place for women with existing businesses or business start-ups who want to develop and leverage themselves on a personal and business level.

If you are a woman in business and you want to grow your business this year in a way that is right for you? You are invited to join us.

Our mission statement is to support and empower women in business to succeed and grow their businesses.

We are connected directly to our Facebook group “Women For Women Commerce”
The Facebook group is special and not ordinary, in a way that we meet personally or on Facetime, anyone that posts their business in the group.
The reason is, that the group holds only women in business that we can trust.
This is our promise to you as a Facebook group member.

We are inviting you to join one of our chapters for meetings.
We meet every other week. In every meeting, we will bring a special presenter that will teach us something new about business, communication or self-development.

We appreciate all the support we can get. If you would like to support us please click on the button to find out how you can do that.